The Crybaby Club

Today’s post (albeit a bit late! Sorry BB readers!) is all about The Crybaby Club.

The what? You might be thinking. Perhaps, like me, you’re thinking less what and more why aren’t I a part of this club too? (I’ve got issues with exclusion. Whatevs.)

The Crybaby Club is extremely special and very dear to my heart actually, despite the fact that I only stumbled upon their instagram page a few short months ago.

But what is it?


It’s an all-loving, all-empowering, all-positive, all-inclusive online community for all those people who might just need a little bit of encouragement, support, or understanding as we all plough our way blindly through adulthood and pretend to know what we’re doing. It’s for all those people who have ever suffered in silence, have felt alone or who have been told that bearing emotions is a bad thing and that crying is a sign of weakness. The club is for those people who have forgotten how to love themselves and for those who need a little light in a bit of a grey world. Its a club that offers support during the lows and a club that celebrates the successes and highs too. It’s a club that embraces emotions — all of them — even the ones people we know tell us they don’t understand and the ones that strangers struggle to accept.

What isn’t to like about that sort of club? I know I’m not alone in thinking this. Though a lot of people might not get it, I’m betting tonnes of others can and will. I do. I get it and I love the whole concept, because whilst I am up on my feet right now, I have been floored by my mental health on numerous occasions. Whilst I smile on the outside, I’ve cried on the inside so many times. Whilst I strive to be confident, I’ve been crippled by anxiety. I’ve battled with myself for the longest time and whilst I have an incredible person by my side and a handful of truly loyal and lovely friends, there have been many a time when I’ve felt completely alone in way that is actually quite difficult to explain or even understand myself. In short, I could’ve used a Crybaby Club once upon a time and even though things are under control and I’m doing really well, my mental and physical wellbeing takes a lot of maintaining.

Truth: with or without problems and issues for tissues there is absolutely everything to love about this GirlGang.


From motivational quotes to adorable artistry, Wednesdays #takefiveanddance moments that make you smile whatever the weather and a whole host of pretty Crybaby Club merchandise (those who are lovers of adorable pins are going to be in their element!) there’s a lot of fun to be had, a lot of talent to be seen and a lot of girl-bonding to be done.


I asked founder Natalie (who is all the way across the pond from me in Tennessee, ya’ll!) all about her club and I was pretty touched by what she had to say and really wanted to share that with you:

I’ve always been a sensitive person, often called overly emotional or dramatic, and after I had my children, my emotions were even more present. So, late last year I had an idea to start a club that normalizes and celebrates sensitivity, so I did.

The crybaby club was an idea but it really started to take off in January 2016. My friend Mae encourage and urged me to start an Instagram and to make this a priority because she really believed in what I was doing, so together she and I started it and our other friends jumped on board — Kayley Katie, Kaitlyn, and Sarah, and all of us working together it has become a community, movement, and something that I never expected but I am so proud of.

The club started as a way for me to empower myself and others like me to know that it’s OK to feel their feelings, and that it doesn’t take away from their character or diminish their worth. It has progressed farther than I ever dreamed it would.

We are now 4000 crybabies strong, and have members all over the world, including China, Moldova, Malaysia, Germany, Italy, England, Canada, Ireland and all 50 states.  We started doing quarterly care packages by collaborating with other small business owners and makers and filling the boxes with cute, handmade products that have the club’s foundation in mind (like teardrop shaped earrings or greeting cards that say “you’ve got this” to name a few.)

We also make our own flair and sell it in our shop, from patches to coffee mugs,  our most popular item being our “I May Cry But I Can Still Get Things Done” enamel pin.I n the future I hope to do more — make more, design more, help more, collaborate more- –all without ever losing sight of why this started in the first place: because a little girl from Tennessee, with a tender heart and leaky eyes decided she wasn’t going to be ashamed of her feelings anymore, and that just because she cries doesn’t mean she is sad, it doesn’t mean she has no worth, it doesn’t mean that she can’t get things done.

And that. All of that 👆 is exactly why I am proud to be a member. I’m proud to support the girls in their venture.


If you haven’t already, check out on instagram and get involved with something very worthwhile.

Crybaby and proud!



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